Body Sculpting Reviews

E. H.'s five star reviews for Exilis on Yelp
E. H.
Danville, California

I have had a personal issue with under eye bags for a number of years. I tried fillers to a few years and although I saw some improvement, it didn't last as long as I would like. I went to SF Bay and had 5 Exilis treatments. The price was comparable to fillers but with much better results! AJ was my esthetician and she makes sure your are comfortable for the duration of each treatment. For me the procedure was so relaxing I always fell asleep! The staff here is nice, helpful and accommodating. I will definitely be back when it is time to have the area surrounding my eyes again.

Rancho Santa Fe's five star reviews for Vanquish on Yelp
K. S.
Rancho Santa Fe, California

I had the most amazing experience at Bay Area Med Spas. I have experienced great results from the vanquish treatment and have lost inches. Not only are the results amazing, but the office is clean and the staff is fantastic. They are very attentive and professional with their recommendations so that you can have the body you want. I could not be happier with the overall experience and results. Ask for Pendar-he is excellent!

L. A.'s five star reviews for Emsculpt on Google
L. A.
Oakland, California

I absolutely love this place! The staff is super friendly and helpful, to the point that it actually feels like family. They truly care about their clients. This is what stuck out to me most, and made me pick this place among many others. They are not money oriented AT ALL, and all they want to see are RESULTS! As for the venue, it is very clean and I feel very safe going there, especially during this time. Emsculpt along with skin tightening is the best decision I've ever made for myself. I am not even halfway through my program and am already beginning to see results! I can't wait to see the final result, and I will update in the future!

L. F.'s five star reviews for Emscuplt and vanquish on Yelp
L. F.
Hayward, California

This place is AMAZING! If you are looking to get rid of some of those small stubborn areas in your stomach without having to go under surgery, then this is the place! I found Bay Area Med Spas on an IG ad in November. I messaged them for a consultation and they immediately got back to me. They scheduled me for a 15 min phone consult and then another one in person to discuss different options based on my body and goals. The nurse took his time explaining the different services that would give me the best results based on my current body type. I started my Vanquish & EmSculpt treatment right after Thanksgiving in November and continued until the first week of January 2021. For a total of 6 weeks. I am so happy with my results and I'm glad I chose to come to Bay Area Med Spas to get this done. The staff here are amazing and accommodating. Also, something that was important to me was finding a place that was clean, sanitized and that follows COVID guidelines and this place does all of this. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by someone and screened. I would definitely recommend & will come back for other services!

A. S.'s five star reviews for vanquish and emsculpt on Yelp
A. S.
Oakland, California

I came to Bay Area Med Spas San Jose branch for Emsculpt and Vanquish (Radiofrequency heating) on my abs and arms. The clinical administrator was helpful and knowledgeable. The package he recommended was for 14 sessions customized to focus on my needs. The entire staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. I am satisfied with the results, although not drastic, I saw an improvement such as toned abs and arms. The treatments mentioned are not for weight loss. They are mainly to rid of unwanted fat in specific, target areas, and toning. The facility is always clean and well kept. Reminders are sent via email and text. I am definitely going back to Bay Area Med Spas before summer. The cost is reasonable compared to other places whom I received price quotes from.

E. L.'s five star reviews for emsculpt on Yelp
E. L.
San Francisco, California

I gained some happy weight during COVID and didn't have time to exercise daily. Everyone thought I was pregnant. I tried drinks to lose weight and changing my diet but the tummy was too stubborn to go away. I came here for Emsculpt for my abdomen and glutes. My tummy got a lot flatter. Butt is lifted and firmer. Friendly staff, great results, reasonable prices. Definitely recommend!!!

R. D.'s five star reviews for emsculpt on Yelp
R. D.
Oakland, California

I like this place! I've only had 4 sessions on 35% power of the em sculpt. Even though I couldn't handle it full power I still see great results. I will definitely be returning to have other things done. The staff is great and very knowledgeable. They explained a lot about other procedures I want done...

J. A.'s five star reviews for emsculpt on Yelp
J. A.
Fremont, California

I highly recommend this office! 5 starts and more! I had the privilege of working with Alexia, B, and Michelle. Everyone was so welcoming and I felt comfortable throughout my appointments. I was very pleased With the offices cleanliness and how well organized the space was. Throughout these unprecedented times, I was concerned about the waiting area and how they'd manage to keep everyone's safety first. To my surprise, I was well taken care of with lots of thought put into keeping me safe and distanced from other patients. They educated me on my procedures, what to expect along with home care. I am still shocked that after only (2) Emsculpt treatments, I'm already seeing results. I traveled near and far to find the perfect med spa. And well, I finally found it! Thanks again to all the staff for a great experience!

R. D.'s five star reviews for exilis on Yelp
R. D.
Fremont, California

I haven't felt this confident since having my second son!!! This place is amazing!!! They are very honest and have no problem telling you what will and what won't work for you. Alexis & Francesca are the sweetest and make you feel so comfortable. I look forward to my 30 mins of relaxation and warmth before every Exilis appointment. Summer, here I come!!!

G. N.'s five star reviews for emsculpt on Yelp
G. N.
Burlingame, California

Starts with 5 stars, I would give 9 stars if yelp allows it. Bay Area Med Spas is one of the best Cosmetic experiences I've had. I have never been one for trying cosmetic procedures, so this was my first time considering any type of body enhancement. Especially during COVID, I gained a few pounds. I used to work out 3/4 days a week so did some research, found SF bay on IG, and reached out to SF Bay. My first consultation with Pandar. I visited the San Jose location and was so pleased with the friendliness of the staff and cleanliness of the office. ( masks, gloves, social distance) Pendar was very professional, full of knowledge, and answering all my questions plus more. I was given a reasonable price for an 8 treatment package.

When I came in for my first Emsculpt for my abs and glutes. I was greeted by Pendar and Alexis. He introduced me to Alexis and make sure I'm in good hands for the first treatment. Alexis took care of me and set me up with the Emsculpt machine making sure I was comfortable the entire time. She would constantly check up on me, give me the beeper to call her anytime. She makes sure everything was sanitized and ready for use. The treatment was very comfortable.

It has been a few weeks since my 8th Emsculpt treatment and the results are amazing! I never thought my abs would ever be this toned with soreness and bucket of sweats. I will definitely recommend to my friends and they are excited to try it out. SF bay, hope you are ready for the group of my friends coming in!

F. T.'s five star reviews for vanquish on Yelp
F. T.
Fremont, California

Here we go..... At some point during The Great Covid Quarantine of 2020 my gorgeous wife, being the human think tank that she is came across this little gem of a business. At the beginning of quarantine we had the same approach that many people had: Happy Hour all day. This of course led to a lovely beer belly and difficulty breathing when I tied my shoes. Fun stuff. So we decided to revisit our old lifestyle of healthy living, dusted off the home gym equipment and got to work. Flash forward nine months and a plethora of HIIT sessions later and we were both in substantially better shape (I lost nearly 30lbs and kept it off). But for anyone who has ever struggled with their weight or that pesky area where you simply can't seem to get rid of the fat, we knew we needed a helping hand. This is where Pendar and his team came in. My wife found SF Bay Med Spa (their Instagram handle) on Instagram and after some discussion I reached out via Direct Message. I reached out around 11pm on a weeknight not expecting a response 'til morning. This team was on it. I received a response (several actually) in mere minutes and received such helpful information and customer service that I knew I had to give this a shot. The next weekend we visited their Pleasanton office (they have a few offices around the Bay Area including a new Oakland office) and upon arrival were greeted by Chandani at the front desk. Super friendly! We then spoke with Pendar, their patient coordinator who was incredible, answered all of our questions, and quite honestly deserves a much cooler title than "Patient Coordinator". Based on our goals of fat loss around our mid section, Pendar recommended their Vanquish treatment which targets specific pesky fatty areas. We took advantage of one their incredible welcome packages and we each purchased 6 Vanquish sessions. According to their SF Bay Body Sculpting website (and much research) we understood that most folks require around 4 sessions to see desirable results. I was intrigued and before we left Pendar's office that day, we scheduled out the next 6 weeks worth of sessions, charged that Amex and left ready for some Hot Girl Summer ready bods. Now, it's important to mention that you should have realistic expectations of what's possible but also remember that this is a noninvasive procedure with many benefits and none of the recovery time. I say that because the sessions will definitely help with breaking up the fat and allowing your body to process is it out but because you look at your self every day, it may seem as though the first couple of sessions aren't making an impact. Give it some time. Apparently the Vanquish process continues to work after you've left their office and you will continue to see a reduction of fat weeks after your final session. As for what to expect for the session itself, you'll go into a private room, the tech will take several photographs of your problem areas at various angles (for tracking progress of course), you'll be weighed with metrics logged and then proceed to a small bed. Next, the tech will maneuver the Vanquish device over your desired fatty area (don't worry, it's not scary at all and actually pretty cool to see) ensure that the settings are just right and before leaving the room, they'll make sure your comfy and good to go. I would suggest taking advantage of the pillow and fan that they offer, bring your headphones and drift off for 30 minutes or so. The procedure itself is the opposite of cool sculpting and seems to use heat waves to break up the fat. It will get a little warm and tingly in certain areas, specially areas were bones are closer to the skin...but don't worry, it's pretty painless and well worth it. Finally, once the vanquish treatment is complete, the tech will renter the room and use a massage type gun to break up the recently warmed fatty tissue. This helps your body get rid of that nasty fatty stuff and makes you that much closer to your goal. After 6 sessions, my wife and I both had some pretty incredible results. My love handles that I never thought I could rid myself of were nearly gone and my wife had equally awesome results with her before and after pics being dramatically different and showing just how effective this process is. I would definitely suggest that you visit Pendar and his team ASAP. They were all equally awesome, helpful, kind and just all around cool. As for the other procedures offered, I think that the Emsculpt (builds muscle, reduces fat) will be my next round and my wife is strongly considering the Exilis which helps tighten the skin in areas left a bit saggy or loose after fat loss. I hope my TedTalk here today was helpful and you give Pendar, Chandani, Angelica, Francesca and crew a call. You will not regret it!

M. R.'s five star reviews for vanquish on Yelp
M. R.
Oakland, California

I want to share and express the gratitude I have for this place. First things first, Pendar was so easy to talk with in my first consultation. He gave me such great advice and explain everything in the process. I even had a more motivation to move forward since he gave me a compensation for every 5 pounds I would lose. This was so motivational because who doesn't like free sessions!

Now about the place, it is so nice and clean. Very home feeling and the girls are absolutely amazing. They are all so sweet and welcoming. You can ask them about any procedure and they will give you a great explanation and the process. Im we also have great conversations and if you just wanna lay and relax, take a nap, etc. They put calming music. That's always even more relaxing.

I definitely comment this place and speak with Pendar. He will hook you up. Get you to where you want to be. I lost a total of 10 pounds and have seen results. Once I have my last session with before and after photos I will repost on here and share photos. I'm excited when the day comes! This place deserves more than the 5 stars allowed.

S. R.'s five star reviews for pricing on Yelp
S. R.
Oakland, California

Love love love this place. Certainly competitive pricing but it's first class care and treatment. So glad I found this place. 10 stars

K. J.'s five star reviews for weight lose on Yelp
K. J.
San Ramon, California

SF Bay Cosmetic Dermatology Medical Group have a great programs that made a big different in my life. They put me in a great program and I was able to loose 40 pound in month and half. I went from XXL TO M shirt size. Neck size from 18 to 16 1/2. Pants from 42 to 32. Come on and see what you can do. Thank you SF Bay Cosmetic Dermatology Medical Group.

C. L.'s five star reviews for body sculpting on Yelp
C. L.
Oakland, California

I love this place! Clean, professional, experienced and always such a good experience. The staff is awesome and I know they know how to listen and provide clients with the best customer service. I'll be back and recommend everybody to give it a try!

A. J.'s five star reviews for body sculpting on Yelp
A. J.
Castro Valley, California

I absolutely LOVE this place!! I 100% recommended checking them out if you are looking for new body/beauty goals. They have amazing options for different non invasive treatments. Which means no pain, along with a gain! I have never felt happier about myself and my health. Thank you Bay Area Med Spas for helping me achieve my 2021 goals.

J. M.'s five star reviews for emsculpt on Yelp
J. M.
Oakland, California

So this is my first Med Spa and body sculpting experience and it was so amazing thanks to Pendar and his amazing staff!

My journey began while I was on Facebook and I kept seeing posts for EnSculpting. I was intrigued so I researched what it was and found a slew of different noninvasive body sculpting procedures. I work out 4-5 days a week, eat relatively right but I'm at the point we're my body was plateauing physically. Things were just so hard to tighten up no matter how mush or hard I worked out so body sculpting sounded like the final stages to get to my body goals without surgery. I started searching for the the closest med spa and SF Med Spa popped up! I called right away to schedule a phone consultation and spoke to Pendar who explained the process, safety, expectations, etc... From that call, I wanted to come in right away and see for myself and get an in person consultation. A few days later, I came in met with Pendar again discussed EmSculpt more in-depth, pricing (btw got a really good deal, 50% off) and pulled the trigger! He was able to schedule me for 1st session that day and the experience of the machine was crazy, in a good way... I didn't know what to expect, it was a weird jolt and I didn't know how to handle it but after a few jolts, it was totally fine! Not scary at all! You really do feel like your muscles are working out hundreds of time more in 5 seconds... with no down time!

Every visit and session (4 sessions in total for the treatment) was great! The ladies who set me up every time where the best! Couldn't have asked for more of a comfortable and pleasurable experience! I just finished my 4th treatment and can't wait to see the final results. I've been already seeing results since the 1st session (on top of diet and exercise). To the SF Med Spa Pleasanton team, thank you so much for a wonderful experience! Definitely will come back for other services!

E. S.'s five star reviews for emsculpt on Yelp
E. S.
Fremont, California

All my appointments were at the San Jose office. My first consultation was with Medical assistant Pendar Moghaddam, he was so nice and respectable he explained all the treatments and was very supportive with the treatments I chose for myself. His assistants Alexis and Francesca, was amazing, funny and very supportive. They made sure that I understood that I must work out, make better decisions about eating habits and drink a lot of water to get the results I wanted. I did all those things in now I am no longer a flat butt girl. I'm more rounder and fuller, got a butt hump/ curve, had to buy a size bigger in panties, cause my cheeks hang out the old ones. My stomach Went down a lot, even the sides of my belly . My shirts no longer have that hump or that hang over my pants. Everyone noticed the difference. My butt looks so good in jeans, my dresses aRE like damn. All I need to do now is feel more comfortable with people staring at my butt all day. Never had that before, I'm am so happy with my results. I did the butt and stomach treatments. It works money well spent, don't need a BBL, when you can do body sculpting. No pain and you can keep going about your day after your treatment.

* Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.